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Videos for all ages

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Since YouTube can occasionally show unpredictable content prior to the selected video, I recommend previewing videos using the YouTube links (during lesson planning). Then, download the videos you plan to show students by clicking on the "Video Download Link" for your selected video.


Video Description Download link YouTube link

Experience Autism through Carly's Eyes (2:18)

This is a short video that demonstrates sensory overload and the frustration of communication challenges. Pretty easy to get the idea from this.




Other simulations of autism--so cool   http://mashable.com/2014/04/23/autism-simulations/

What is Autism? (1:29)

This is a very quick video with a lot of people trying to answer the question “What is autism?” It’s a good introductory video to the topic for older kids.



You Ought To Know (6:18)

This video is about 6 minutes but very informative. I really like that there is a child with autism in the video—and that the child is smart but visibly different in behaviors. Though the video is a bit longer, I think it will hold the attention of younger grades because of the child in the video.




Graduation Speech (2:23)

This is a short news story about the success of a boy graduating from his high school. It has a great message about how a school can support and encourage a person with disabilities

Autistic Student's inspirational Graduation Speech.3gp  



Life With Autism: In Their Own Words (2:38)

This is a short video sharing the perspectives of about 5-8 individuals of different ages

Life with autism_ In their own words.3gp   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfzqBCC30as&feature=related

Walk Now for Autism Speaks (2011) (2:10) 

A super-short video that starts with a young child interviewing a child who has autism. It has a few nice clips and then some information about autism. At the end, it talks about how you can help. There is specific info about the 2011 walk.

AZ Walk Now 2011 vid.3gp




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