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Videos for upper grades

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Since YouTube can occasionally show unpredictable content prior to the selected video, I recommend previewing videos using the YouTube links (during lesson planning). Then, download the videos you plan to show students by clicking on the "Video Download Link" for your selected video.


Video Description  Video Download Link  YouTube Link 

Fixing Autism (4:59)

This video is a poignant video made by a parent about his daughter. There are lots of great facts written on note cards with music in the background. It is very moving in its simplicity. This video requires proficient reading skills because the cards go fast at times and the writing is in capital letters that can be difficult to decipher for less proficient readers. 




Claudia’s story—What Kind of World Do You Want? (3:52)

A short video set to music with information about autism and this family’s story. [Note: Statistics are slightly out-dated because autism is even more prevalent today]

Autism-What Kind of World Do You Want.3gp  



Autism in College (2:07)

This is a great video about a college man who worked hard to overcome barriers so that he could be successful in college. A cool story to inspire kids to work hard for their dreams.

Autism in College.3gp  



ABC World News—Carly Fleischmann (2:13)

Carly is an incredible teen who has contributed greatly to autism advocacy and sharing the way that it feels to be autistic. Carly is completely non-verbal but types on her computer to communicate. This is a just a very short video about her, but Carly has a great book called “Carly’s Voice” that just came out in 2011.

ABC World News-Carly Fleischmann.3gp  



Basketball Team Reaches Out to Teen with Disability (2:39)

A teen with cerebral palsy is the team manager for his high school basketball team. Great story!

Basketball Team Reaches Out To Teen With Disability.3gp


Impact of Bullying-Music Video Story (5:05)

This video has a pretty strong impact. It shows kids at three different ages being bullied--and alludes to the fact that they commit suicide. This video is tastefully done (imagery makes the point without showing disturbing images regarding actual suicide). Please preview before showing class because this video is emotional. Discussion/reflection recommended for kids to share their feelings after viewing video.

Impact of bullying.3gp http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOwzsUmyAYM 

Everyday Leadership (6:08)

Drew Dudley talks about the importance of "everyday leadership," discussing that leadership can happen everyday and does not have to be about huge things like changing the world. I really like this video to link students to the idea that being kind to others takes leadership and courage. Accepting others or standing up to bullying are two of the best ways to show "everyday leadership." Great video.



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