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Lesson Ideas for Upper Grades

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Lesson Description 

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In this lesson, students write down hurtful words/phrases that they hear other kids use. The group-created list is used to prompt discussion about how words can affect others.  Exploring Hot Buttons--hurtful words.pdf  
This is a comprehensive unit of information that looks at disabilities and how they affect kids in the world. It would nicely align with social studies curriculum since it discusses information like disability prevalence in other countries and the ways that kids with disabilities are treated in other countries. Lots of interesting material.  UNICEF Nodira_Grades_6_to_8.pdf  
True and False Questions to start conversation about disabilities  True and False Questions 
Lollipop Activity: to remind kids that it's the inside that counts  Lollipop Activity
Create a poster 

Have students create class posters for your class to hold when I go around to take pictures of classes participating in "Dress Down for Diversity Day." Some examples of posters I made for last year:

    Sine Stars learn from everyone, learn from everything

    Diversity makes us all better

    We celebrate diversity


What poster ideas can your class think of?

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