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Web Resources for all ages

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Autism Speaks 

This is the organization that sponsors the Autism Walk annually. They provide excellent resources to families who are affected by autism.


Rachel's Challenge Web Resources for Educators  http://www.rachelschallenge.org/educators/ 
This webpage offers comprehensive resources about building "inclusive communities"  http://www.pbs.org/parents/inclusivecommunities/ 
This is the website for the organization "Special Olympics." Photos, info, and more.  http://www.specialolympics.org/
Disability Glossary 

Click here


Tips--Disability Etiquette  http://www.unitedspinal.org/disability-etiquette/
Some resources that list celebrities and famous individuals with disabilities

Celebrities with Disabilities.pdf (includes historical figures)


Click here



Wikipedia page for autism 


Eiler Classroom wiki: Contains info about autism and resources for families.  www.eiler.pbworks.com
SELmedia: These are resources/lessons for classroom teachers who are trying to include a child with autism in the classroom. It gives other good tips that could be shared with students about what to do if there is a student with autism in their class.


I created a Sine account.

Email address: jeiler@gesd40.org

Password: autism

Autism and Art: A cool article with photos about the creativity of people with autism




Note: Don't forget about wikipedia--a great resource if your students ask you about a disability and you can't answer the question. 

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